The Big Year


Stu Preissler, Kenny Bostick and Brad Harris are the main chracters of the movie. They all came from different background. Stu is a CEO in a high rank and tries to retire, Brad is in the age of 36 and divorced computer programmer and Bostick is a contractor who does not pay any attention to his wife.

The three men have same interest. They all obsessed with the counting birds in North America in a single “ Big Year “. Stu’s wife is a supportive kind, Bostick who tries to start a family and Brad is a single one. Brad have a wealty rival  called Stu and later they became friends and they boht try to beat up Bostick. Brad is the divorced one and not wealty so ask for his father to sponsor him. But he refuses Brad and doesn’t like the way of his behaviour and wanted to put his life in order. On the other hand Brad’s  mother is the supportive one and always try to support her son.

Bostick argues always with his wife and she does not want him to go birding a lot but he claims that is my jop. He could not balance love againist obsession. Stu have a nicely family an even his grand-son came into World and named as Stu by his son. Stu invite Brad to a diinner so they meets and Brad said to him that he is doing “Big Year”. But Stu didn’t say to Brad his doing of  “Big Year” and later that became problems between them but they solves it.

Brad’s father had a heart attack when he was birding. After Brad heard about it he goes to hospital direcly. Brad talks to his father about the birding and showed the birds that he took photo. And later the father of the Brad wanted to come a birding and see the birds. In that trip he helped his son to see the bird.

Brad has fallen into love with a girl called Ellie in a bird trip. They became lovers later and at the end of the movie Bostick get apart from his wife. The winner of the competition was Bostick with 755 bird and Brad was the seceond one with 744. Brad learned the results of the competition and his reaction againist the secondry was that “ he got more birds, but we got more everything. This is the main idea of the film and summary of the film in my opinion.


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